Zoe Zielinska Chaibi

Zoe Zielinska Chaibi Poland –Tunisia, an original destiny perfumed by Oasis Oriental ‘s from Gabes ( South of Tunisia) and Krakow’s one (Cultural Capital of Poland ).

Artist, Musician playing since 3 year old kid Violin (an 18’C inherited from Moscow !). Architect since 2005, holder of Master of Museology , she applied for Doctoral Researches in Space & Design.

Zoe’s advocacy for Art’chitect is sourced by his double culture and mixed 3H Arab Slave Soul : Human, Happiness Highlighter spaces are the Must be components of any project’s Vision of her.

Currently she is Follower at Prestigious Tunisian Universities :
- Arts Academy of Carthage.
- Polytechnique of Tunis.
- Polytechnique International of Tunis.