Our WorldWide Premiere

We are offering more Human Marketing / Macromarketing to our MICE Business; our contribution and humble innovation  consist on our advocacy and fostering insistence  to Economic Empowering results and your ROI for any Gathering we organize for you, this would sharpen our challenge to select emphatic people and Corporate  (YOU ! ) having the  same Meaning & Visions with unique privilege to H2H  Business – Human to Human ..

Good Governance, Transparency and B.I.G * - Business Intelligence Governance - sustained by a High Market Intelligence –  Who is Who - are our arms. ( both of US ! )

Considering Exhibitions * are inherent tools for those Goals (*knowing themselves deep changes and metamorphosis)  and to offer more equity to less developed countries & corporate we ‘ve permitted to our imagination / innovation to work on  MICE without the standard well known « E » we are doubling it ! “E.E” for “ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT”
For us  M.I.C.E  is MICEE : Keep on the challenge..!

This is our diplomacy and …..DIPLOM.I.C.E.E….Your adherence is  itself a CERTIFICATE  ..!!

All of us have to apply  for a good CORPORATE DIPLOMICEE adding to CORPORATE DIPLOMACY