Fawzy Atallah Bouden

Quit 30 Year International Experience, holder of a Bachelor Degree of Esc Economics from FSEG Tunis.
In 1992 Lucky Dr F.A.Bouden was applying for Doctoral Studies in "Innovation Technologies Engineering" in Paris but was rapidly captured by Business Universe and innocently was involved on ground..!.
Through a first Experience with " The Boston Group Corp " Boston / Paris, a multi sector Conglomerate, its Emeritus Leaders: Dr Larry A.Smith - Dr Michael O'Neil - Dr Fred Backer adopted him and trusted him for a huge Challenge....No better than such Experience to substitute Academic Curriculum and initiate International Career with this "Elite" for a young dreamer who was raised in a family of another severe universe of Lawyers and Judges!.. He was responsibilized and mandated for the MENA Region to promote PR of an non classical Trading in that period: Satellite & Communication Technologies, PBGs Finance, Spot Oil transactions, Hospitality, Franchising & Retail; a complete Crazy Business not yet well fluent in the area ( Collapsed K8 , Emerging UAE, Conservative KSA , invisible Qatar ..) Since early 90' this MENA region experienced a lot of troubles due to both, the Gulf war which affected International transactions adding to black decade in Algeria, Dr F.A.Bouden enjoyed a tremendous International Experience highlighted by hard problem solving capabilities & soft skills ...

In 1996 Dr F.A.Bouden decided to leave this complicated Universe and to move back to Tunis to enjoy Better Creative & Human Business through different parallel positions: the first, the creation of his own business "Trialogue Advisory Bureau -T.A.B Consulting" and as Entrepreneur non Executive of "Cyberstone" which was (still) a Marketing & Communication Agency managed by his Brother Partners Hatem & Maher Essefi, adding to that he enjoyed Business Development through different Senior Positions in Tunisian International Groups, i-e) "Le Prestige"; "Saudi Brothers" which was Saudi / Tunisian JV; the latest and longest one was with "Al Kechin Group"; all of them were enjoying different industries, Real Estate, Tourism & Hospitality, Retail, Design & Fashion, Furnishing & Household, Handcrafts, Automotive, Export , Trading & Sourcing; his main tasks were to connect and develop Branding / Marketing & Exports worldwide adding to all required M.I.C.E* to assure local & International visibility ..

Early 2000 and beyond many International Prestigious Groups Trusted him as well as some Tunisian Ministries ( Economy , Commerce, Tourism ) adding to a Couple of Chambers of Commerce and International Business Councils.
Among unforgettable experiences Dr F.A.Bouden is proud of : Japanese HONDA Automotive whom introduced to Tunis as well as Fuso Truck & Buses, thanks to a real trust gained with the Japanese Automotive Association and its President; Turkish Giant "KARAKA" whom inspired a lot; the Late Philippe Durand (may God rest his soul) and his huge Empire with whom he had have special friendly professional Relationship, AMEFA Group of Mr Jean Michel Parisy and it's "Medard de Noblat" Brand - both member of the "French Comité Colbert"; "Galerie Lafayette" with whom he Launched the First Tunisian Home Fashion International Brandname Sarah Anderson-Paris and how he was obliged, only for business reasons !, to apply for a more Occidental name Mr Franck BODEN for more than 5 years; Harsh luxury discounter TJX&TKMAX Group with whom he fighted so hard for a Tunisian Sourcing and to pursue; Tunisian Delegation Leader & Flag holder at "World Chambers of Commerce Forum" - Qatar; last not least,and in the Territorial Marketing or Place Branding Business, he was Team Leader of "Carthage Storic" which was an Immersive Digital Museum project in Carthage Tunis stopped by former Tunisian President of Republic ZABA … Inspired by a strange mitigated personal experience of a “Carthaginian in Cancun“ and feeling deep admiration & jealousy of a C-Level High Class American Meetings in Colombia named “Inspiring Cartagena” which was a Muse for Creation / Innovation and Networking, a hard question branded him : what about the authentic Carthage or the Tunisi’Atlantis Lost & Found who does know it? …!... Answer will be an Open Call for a Crazy Smooth & Creative Business challenge to initiate worldwide which worths a Large Involvement of "Creative 4 Commerce” mood International makers “ as human as held in Montreal – C2M.

Dr F.A.Bouden , a "Market Intelligence Governor ** " and "M.I.C.E & Business Development Expert" has been involved in more than 500 Events in major capitals last 20 years, quit all serious Organizers know him worldwide, he is currently enjoying a Priceless Data covering more than 150 Safe countries and quasi all industries.
Highly inspired by the A.M.A - American Marketing Association issues, Macromarketing professionals, prestigious Clusters involving High Academic Level basically European / Scandinavian ones, He is focusing now on How to Help in Tunisia and Internationally... ! He is advocating all new Academic Tendencies & Trends to be applied On the Ground and how to privilege Human C-suite's Vision and Meaning..

The death of one Pillar Leader of Cyberstone Mr Maher Essefi (Peace for His Soul) end 2019 adding to dramatic International issues of current Covid-19 Pandemic were a real roundabout for Dr F.A.Bouden who felt more responsible to offer his Expertise through "Cyberstone International", and how to dedicate all Innovations & conceptualizations for Dr Communication Excellency, his friend passed away .....